January 15, 2024

CES 2024: The Best and Worst to Watch – A Quick Recap!

Kierah Jorgensen
7 Communications
Marketing Specialist

CES is described as ‘The Most Powerful Tech Invention in the World’—and for good reason. From folding screens to cutting-edge wearable tech, this year’s event did not disappoint. Let’s look at some highlights of CES 2024, featuring the best new offerings, as well as some misses that are worth considering—how did someone come up with this idea?

1. Revolutionizing Portability

If you are looking for a new alternative TV innovation, CES delivered on this demand. The C Seed N1 — A Full-Size TV ‘In your pocket’ (not literally, but it does defy the odds of any normal TV's capabilities) boasts 137 inches of screen and can be folded. It is available for purchase at a whopping $200,000 price tag. To sweeten the deal, this price tag includes the basics, like install and setup to get it up and running.

The C Seed N1, a full-size TV that can be folded, placed in an elegant room with statues and large windows.
Credit: CSeed

2. The Ultimate Bio-Hacking Wearable

The Pison Ready Wristband is more than a health tracker and fitness monitor. This wearable technology takes a new approach on biohacking. Its claim to fame is that it is more than a traditional health tracker, offering valuable insights into your mental clarity and sharpness.

Smart phone held in someones hands.  Health tracking information and data is visible on screen.
Credit: Pison

3. The Key to Simplifying Self-Recorded Video: Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro (with DockKit)

This Dock technology provides 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt to track movement and streamline video creation or recording. So, whether it’s for solo content creators or professionals engaging in virtual meetings, this technology simplifies the process of making self-tracking videos.

4. Affordable AR Innovation: Xreal Air Ultra AR glasses

Xreal is offering a wallet-friendly alternative to Apple’s $3,499 headset. At $699, the Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR Glasses are made so you can immerse yourself in dual Sony micro OLED displays, paired with 1080p resolution per eye and a 120 Hz refresh rate.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing and High-Quality Sound: Samsung Music Frame

This Music Frame is an extension of Samsung’s ‘The Frame TV,’ which has seen plenty of success in the past few years. The consumer will have the option to customize the print in their frame and will even get surround sound from their ‘secret’ speaker. This speaker is intended to blend seamlessly with the home.

Samsung Music Frame displaying an aerial view of a record player within the frame, placed on a table.
Credit: Chris Welch / The Verge

6. Better Than Your Neighbour’s Solar Panel: SQPV transparent solar technology

Along the theme of ‘disguising’ ugly things, InQs—a Japanese company—is completing work to make solar cells out of stained-glass panes. They are innovating with a new (and more aesthetically appealing) way to imagine solar panels. Their stained-glass pieces can capture the energy of light and convert it into energy.

7. Language Translation Redefined: Vasco Translator E1

As people become increasingly interconnected, the importance of having a convenient language translation method becomes more and more essential.

Vasco has launched live translators in the past, and this year they are transforming their translators into an earpiece. These earbuds use AI and an app to translate 49 languages in real time. If you’re looking to get your hands on a pair of these exciting earbuds, it might be helpful to know that the product will be released in June of 2024.

8. Mercedes Immersive Sound Experience

CES brought all kinds of tech. It  also brought the artist Will.i.am, alongside the launch of an immersive sound drive experience offered by Mercedes-AMG called MBUX Sound Drive. The concept of MBUX sound drive integrates the characteristics of the drive experience, like acceleration, braking and signaling, with a music software that reacts in real time to output (release) a symphony of sounds. If that didn’t already sound cool enough, the music tool also has the capability to sync to the rhythm of rain, which is claimed to improve concentration during poor weather.

Mercedes AMG car driving at night with digital white waves of varying heights trailing behind.
Credit: Mercedes-Benz

9. LEGO-Like Concept, Customizable Vehicles

Vehicles are traditionally known to transport people. Kia is taking new leaps to go beyond this idea with their LEGO-like concept vehicles that can serve more functions, including moving products, serving as work or living spaces, and converting into mobile pop-up shops. The PBVs (purpose-built vehicles) will be built with flexibility in mind, allowing businesses or individual buyers the opportunity to customize their vehicle to their unique needs. The LEGO-like concept behind the vehicles comes from their ability to be reconfigured seamlessly, adapting to the user’s needs.

Industrial setting featuring the unloading of a small Kia concept vehicle from a larger Kia van.
Credit: Kia

As we wrap up our tech-fuelled journey through CES 2024, we wanted to conclude with the highs and lows that made this year's spectacle a rollercoaster of innovation with occasional head-scratching moments.

Top Misses:

1. AI Powered Cat Flap

A questionable use of technology to keep your cat from bringing deceased rodents into the house.

2. Revolution Cooking’s 'Macrowave'

An expensive combination of a convection oven and microwave, raising questions about its necessity in a world where we want to be more sustainable.

3. Rabbit R1

A separate device with AI integration, doing everything a smart phone does, except ‘actually’ being a smartphone.

Top Hits:

1. MW75-Neuro Brain-Scanning Headphones

A new style of headphones to help balance everyday life and harmonize your hectic daily routine. With brainwave-scanning technology, they measure focus levels and detect signs of stress.

2. LG’s Smart Home AI Agent

A robot assistant for household chores, providing more leisure time for consumers to do things they enjoy.

3. Tropicana’s AI-Free Orange Juice

With a trend-focused, vowel-free, special edition orange juice, the company launched Tropcn. No “AI” in this orange juice, that’s for sure!

Dynamic digital display showcasing a Tropicana bottle seamlessly transitioning in a spin from Tropicana branding to Tropcn branding.
Credit: tropcn.com

As we bid goodbye to another convention of tech madness, one thing's for sure: the future is undeniably exciting, unpredictable, and occasionally hilarious.