April 6, 2022

It takes a village

Natalie Maurice
7 Communications
Vice President

Having spent most of the last two years within the same landscape (and chatting with the same sixteen people or so, it seemed), travelling felt slightly foreign to me.

But as the sun was setting, the music playing and a group of us celebrating with old friends—and making new ones—I realized how important and just how powerful in-person gatherings are. I was able to unplug from my professional ponderings and be present in the amazing moments that made up our Saint Lucia adventure.

Now that I’m back in the office, I can’t get that scene out of my head. The best memories are best experienced when all five senses can be captivated (something that a Metaverse is simply unable to deliver).

Airplane in the sky.

As a guest of this week-long birthday celebration, I experienced the attention to detail, the personalized communication and the choreographed itineraries. It reminded me just how much effort, and how many people behind the scenes, it takes to bring an event to life and make it memorable—in all the right ways.

People are ready and eager to connect again—in person and not through another virtual platform—and brands are ready too.

As we plan and create remarkable experiences for our clients, it has always been essential that we surround ourselves with the very best partners. Partners who collaborate with our team to help us and our clients deliver success. The audio and visual, technology, exhibits and staging, entertainment, food and beverages, décor and furniture partners we choose are critical. Add the talented event staff that become the face of each brand on event day, and these are the people that make up our village.

Crowd of individualsa at an outdoor event, circling around a spectacle in the middle.

Knowing that a great idea is only as good as its execution, I want to acknowledge and celebrate our partners. The last couple of years have not been easy on people who shape large in-person experiences. But these companies, and the people inside them, are the ones that make our jobs easier and more enjoyable — and often don’t get the recognition. The best ones care about the smallest of details, are the first to arrive and the last to leave and there for you when needed. They are also extremely committed to consistently—and with pride—go above and beyond.

From all of us at 7 Communications, thank you to our village for helping us to deliver on our brand promise. Here’s to many more Exceptional Ideas. Well delivered.