Alex Betinski

Lead Programmer

Alex began his career as a creative designer in 1999. But, he discovered his calling in 2004, when he joined the programming industry. Since then, he has focused entirely on this intricate, masterful art – and, since joining our team in 2011 brings a depth and breadth of insight, proficiency and knowledge to 7 Communications.

Throughout his orbit in the programming world, Alex has worked for many corporations within North America – including Platinum Energy Group, Affiliate Summit, Shareasale, ChatAbout, FlamingoWorld and CenterPointMedia. He specializes in social networking platforms, mobile websites and apps; and, is fluent in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, Vue.js, JQuery, Angular.js, Slim, Laravel, Codeigniter, and Linux server configuration, administration and maintenance. We often ask him to speak English please, so we can understand.

A devoted husband and dad. He is as loyal as they come.

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