Brittany McCaughey

Social Media Manager

Brittany is a seasoned Social Media Manager who knows her sports as well as anyone here at 7 Communications.

Her professional experience at the NHL and MLB is truly next level. From the first pitch or the moment the puck dropped in the Eastern Time Zone game until the buzzer sounded or the third out was called at the last West Coast games, Brittany was building engagement with millions of (very passionate) fans. Years spent in a very fast-paced environment shaped her strategic and real-time social media storytelling. 

Whether on ice, on the field or in a client boardroom, Brittany brings a creative eye and a strategic mind to every project. Her organizational skills are next-level and she brings order to every aspect of her day. In her mind, there’s nothing a perfectly crafted to-do list can’t fix, and time-blocking your calendar is the only way to live.

Creating content that attracts, engages and inspires is what drives her, and she is super proud to have spearheaded the 'Best of All-Star' social program in the lead-up to the 2022 NHL All Star Weekend, where broadcast partners ESPN and Sportsnet picked up the idea and ran it across the US and Canada.

When she isn’t crafting new social strategies, she’s busy enjoying time with her rescue pup Oakley or playing arm-chair quarterback during every Jays, Leafs or Bills game.


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