David Siekanowicz

Director, Creative Strategy

David is always trying to better understand people. Equal parts creative and strategic, he wants to make things that are beautiful and significant in order to remove barriers and solve problems. 

If creativity is magic and strategy is logic, then David’s sweet spot is helping brands succeed by bridging the gap between the two. At the core, he’s a writer whose favourite part of writing is rewriting. He somehow sneaks Design Thinking into nearly every project and seems to have a never-ending supply of frameworks and templates to map ideas.

He joined 7 Communications with more than a decade of experience working and leading teams in startup, agency and non-profit environments. His portfolio includes public relations, social media, digital marketing, video production, livestreaming, copywriting, content development, creative direction, design, brand, UX, and strategy. A super focused (and fun) guy who continues to refine his niche. 

David holds an MA in Communication and New Media from McMaster University, where his research explored and critiqued how Facebook had turned online relationships into value producing labour using the critical theories of the Italian Autonomists. 

When he’s not writing website bios in the third-person, he prioritizes spending time with his wife, their daughter and a fiercely loyal wiener dog named Goose. He is a musician and guitarist who’s love for music has spiraled into an all-consuming obsession. His more measured hobbies include riding motorcycles and watching Formula 1.

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