Kylie Ring

Account Director

Kylie is a marketer driven by a deep passion for connecting people and brands through authentic and impactful experiences. 

With a background rooted in creativity, she pursued a career in marketing after discovering her talent for blending artistry with strategic thinking. Excelling in the agency space, she has managed large-scale initiatives across diverse industries, including CPG, tourism, healthcare and more. Her track record includes developing compelling, award-winning campaigns for renowned brands that captivate audiences.

Before joining 7 Communications, Kylie played a pivotal role in pandemic relief efforts within the healthcare industry, building a client service department from scratch and amassing a large roster of B2B clients. Her unwavering commitment to high-quality client service is complemented by her genuine understanding of her clients' unique needs, forming the bedrock for long lasting relationships.

As an advocate for cohesive branding and design, she firmly believes in the power of a consistent brand story across all platforms. She recognizes that a brand's presentation is paramount in forging connections with consumers and consistently applies this principle to her work.

A devoted cat mom and animal lover, she is affectionately known as the go-to person for intriguing facts, showering her friends and family with a steady stream of fascinating "Did you know's?". When not at home with a good book she can be found playing an epic game of Dungeons and Dragons with friends or at the movie theater checking out the latest scary movie.

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