Larry Futers

President & CEO

Larry is the founder of 7 Communications and has an enviable record of innovation, creativity and one-step-ahead thinking. He has delivered powerful and effective marketing programs for clients in the corporate, retail and service sectors. Since creating 7 Communications in 2009, Larry has built a team whose focus is to work with clients to expand their vision of what marketing can do. He has challenged his team to deliver extraordinary results in a world of new marketing opportunities and fast-changing expectations. 

With a clear-eyed determination to deliver measurable results and a keen instinct for value, Larry has steered his 7 Communications team through highly successful projects in brand building, retail growth, new product trial and effective customer relationship management. Calling on a full arsenal of tools, from strategic brand development to highly targeted digital consumer influence to refined experiential programs, he has earned the trust of clients across Canada. Before establishing 7 Communications, he spent more than a decade in the auto industry in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico where he served in senior capacities in marketing, sales, product planning, incentive management and public relations creating memorable campaigns that ignited double-digit growth for two manufacturers. 

Larry has also served as a panelist and guest speaker for several industry associations, and is a proud alumni and founding partner of the largest university case-study marketing competition in Canada – Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec.

Lare, Lare Bear, Lala, Larry-ana. He is a former Chess Club President. And, fluent in Mohawk (kinda, sorta). He has the best sock drawer in the entire 905 (he likes to think that he was the sock world disruptor, actually). His trademarks: a fist pump, photo-bombing, and a laugh so big and unrestrained we bet you five bucks you won’t laugh, too. If he could only bring one thing to a desert island, it would be gum – that is correct. Oh yes, did we mention he is fun?

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