Samantha Lane

Senior Account Executive

Samantha (a.k.a., Sam) is an Account Executive on our integrated team. Equipped with a solutions-oriented mindset, her collaborative approach and engaging personality drive her to build meaningful relationships and deliver results beyond expectation. 

In her role here, she strategizes and shapes content across a collection of world-class brands, including Harley-Davidson, BMW, and Subaru while also leveraging her skillset on a host of other brand and digital projects. Hailing from Vancouver, Sam previously worked on the multi-faceted and complex TELUS account where she managed digital, social, retail, and 1:1 projects from conception through to execution. 

Prior to agency life, she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialty in Marketing Communications. It was her passion for people and creating authentic, intimate, and memorable connections at scale that drew her to the world of marketing. And now, to make each client’s project a success, she questions how to help them break through the clutter of a frenzied advertising landscape while always ensuring the purpose and integrity of a brand are central to every solution. 

When not behind her screen, you will find this self-proclaimed foodie exploring the amazing scenery beautiful B.C. has to offer, grabbing a cider (over a beer) down at Brewery Row, and binging on any (and all) reality TV shows. Competitive by nature (a middle child between two brothers), she is a huge hockey fan and perhaps the only member of the team (so far) to LOVE the Canucks. If she could, she would bring her Aussie-doodle Skye with her where-ever she goes.

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