February 15, 2023

A mittenful of cool experiences

MacCall Bertram
7 Communications
Account Director

Whether by choice or circumstance, Canadians always find a way to take on our colder months, whether that means hosting outdoor soirées, fireplace chats or just plain old curling up and chillaxing. Our winter cousins, the Norwegians, call it koselig, which loosely translates to a sense of coziness, or community embrace.

As winter countries, we find ways to accept our winter situation and often even revel in it, which is why we’ve compiled an ultimate roundup of frigid festivities. All you need to do is bundle up in style.

Snowhotel Kirkenes – Bjørnevatn, Norway

Adventurous types yearning for a little wilderness escape can respite at this trendy snow hotel that leaves everything on ice—including the beds and bar. Activities are everything you’d expect in a Norwegian playground like husky wagon excursions, King Crab catching and ice fishing on the fjords.

Cap your day at the property’s two-floor resto—the ultimate in polar dining with Nordic fare like grilled whale, reindeer steak and local pescetarian picks. Kirkenes also offers Gamme cabins, inspired by the traditional hunting and fishing huts of yore and designed specifically to view the nightscape panorama. Best yet, you don’t even have to stay up late to gawk at the aurora borealis.

Image 1: Interior of an ice tunnel within an igloo, featuring an ice sculpture of a bear in the forefront. Image 2: Two individuals inside an icy igloo ambiance, bundled up in warm clothing, sharing a celebratory cheers. Image 3: Two people sitting on the snowy ground, smiling at each other while wrapped in snug sleeping bags.

Arctic Bath Spa Hotel – Harads, Sweden

As the world’s only spa with an arctic bath that pivots from frozen to floating, this unique tundra experience marvels with its northern lights views and rural romance vibe. Located just a tad south of the Arctic Circle, the hotel’s pole elevated residential suite will surely impress. Perched on the shore and connected by walkways, the real highlight isn’t just the heated floors or chic Swedish design, it’s the spacious deck overlooking the Swedish Lapland. How’s that with your morning espresso?

Indulge in an Arctic Culinary Dinner Experience after exploring spa selects like the foot rejuvenating Arctic Steps or Julevädno—their 3-stage sauna treatment incorporating the brrrr-happy waters of the Lule River.

image 1: Areal view of floating arctic bath on Sweden’s Lule River. image 2: A cabin with expansive windows surrounded by snowy trees, illuminated by the hues of a sunrise. Image 3: Two individuals in bathrobes, arms around each other, looking out into the scenery. Image 4: Warm and inviting interior of a cabin overlooking a view of a lake and a sauna. Image 5: A row of boxy modern saunas on the Lule river.

Ice Driving, Lamborghini Style – Lac Sacacomie, Quebec

While it launched in Italy back in 2012, Lamborghini brought its extreme skill-building ice driving weekend to the Quebec Laurentians for a second time this February. Known as Winter Accademia here (Accademia Neve in Italy), this two-day slip ‘n’ slide features professional Squadra Corse driving coaches who gear participants up in the classroom before they test Huracáns and Urus Super SUVs around snowbanks—and on courses made of ice.

Off track is where you’ll find delicious vistas of the surrounding snow-wrapped mountains and unique culinary experiences of the Hotel Sacacomie, a two-hour drive north of Montreal.

If this type of white-knuckle adrenaline gets your engine revving, it’s required to prove yourself a Lamborghini owner. While we can neither confirm nor deny if there were any celebrity sightings at this exclusive Quebec winter showcase, we do have some amazing photos to share.

Image 1: A dynamic scene of a Lamborghini Urus drifting on snow, surrounded by a billowing cloud of snow. Image 2: A group of well-groomed dogs, harnessed and prepared for dogsledding. Image 3: A close up view featuring a person in the driver seat of a Lamborghini with one hand on the steering wheel. Image 4: A group of people warmly dressed, engaging in conversation and enjoying drinks inside a cozy tent.

Muraka – Rangali Island, Maldives

While we adore a frosty adventure, warm-weather getaways hold appeal too, and we couldn’t resist writing about a once-in-a-lifetime escape to the Maldives that we’d totally like to try in the dead of winter. Because what really caught our eye was The Muraka—an über luxe 3-bedroom residence that cuts right into the Indian Ocean. Literally.

The two-level suite offers a master bedroom 16 feet below sea level—and yes, there is an elevator—to experience sleeping in your own personal aquarium. Enter the master bedroom via the tunnel viewing theatre and soak in unparalleled underwater views from its 180-degree curved acrylic dome. With floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s sure to channel your inner Jacques Cousteau.

Image 1: Interior view of a bathroom and sink arranged within an aquarium, offering a unique perspective of the underwater surroundings Image 2: Unconventional bedroom design featuring an arched tunnel immersed in water with fish swimminng all around the outside of the see-through walls.

LADY S Yacht – Mediterranean

While we’re on the topic of sun-soaked getaways to help handle a Canadian January, sailing the Western Mediterranean is the LADY S, a venerable Kubla Khan stretching 305 feet—with rare gems adorning the hallways, its seven unbelievably deluxe cabins come complete with fold-out balconies.

Amenities also include a two-level IMAX Theatre, 200” outdoor TV (obvi the world’s largest), two fire pits, hammam spa, beach club with ice plunge (for a splash of winter), glass-bottom pool and amongst other awe-striking goodies, a basketball court with golf tee and simulator. To little surprise, the LADY S is accessible by helipad.

Not only is the LADY S the ultimate expression of a winterlude, it’s also a nod to a not-to-be-missed program we’re planning for 2024. Details are secret at this point, but keep it tuned to our channels and we’ll reveal more when we can.

Image 1: Extravagant two-level yacht featuring a luxurious design and onboard pools. Image 2: Cozy and inviting room on a yacht, complete with a balcony that offers serene views of the water, Image 3: Aerial perspective of a yacht in motion, navigating through the water.

While we admittedly squeezed in a few warmer ‘winter’ experiences to balance the truly frigid yet remarkable ones, we wholeheartedly subscribe to embracing adventures in the ice and snow of our northern climes.

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