February 7, 2022

Makers of an indelible mark

Larry Futers
7 Communications
President & CEO

Today, we introduce our first two members into the 7 Communications Hall of Fame.

In the history of the NFL, over 25,000 have played the game yet only 300 have had their name called and invited in the Hall of Fame (HOF). With Tom Brady’s announcement last week, you can be sure it will soon be 301 and counting.

Since our inception eleven years ago, none of our players have yet to play the Super Bowl or throw our bodies in harm’s way at fourth and goal in front of 90MM fans. Our team is different, but that doesn’t mean they don’t share common DNA about what it takes to stand out among all others.

Our version of fourth and goal is the commitment it takes to deliver excellence and see it through. To think, and re-think, a concept to ensure we hit the mark and deliver for each client we proudly represent.

A figure stands confidently on a cliff, emerging through the clouds into the expansive sky, gazing towards the distant sun. A list of words written below figure: Risk, Hardwork, Strategy, Planning, Overthinking, Details, Innovation, Questions, Solutions, Persistence, Action, Discipline, Doubts, Changes, Team Effort, Negotiations, Communication, and Focus.

Built on the belief that it takes courage and relentless effort to stand out, we work as a team to inspire our clients to ignite their brand’s promise. It’s what we do every day, and since our founding in 2009, some very talented people have joined us in our journey.

Some have come and gone, while many of the most exceptional are delivering for our clients today.

Image 1, Upper Left: A person seated in a work kitchen, enjoying a meal from a plate in hand. Image 2, Lower Left: A person poses confidently in front of a tinted off-roading truck. Image 3, Middle: A person stands with enthusiasm in a car showroom, gesturing with open hands to invite attention to the showcased vehicle. Image 4, Right Person peering through a bush of hanging florals suspended from the ceiling.

Anwar Mustafa joined us nine years ago, and after two years we promoted him to Creative Director. Very few have left such an indelible mark on our company, and our clients, as he has.

As the first ever inductee into the 7 Communications Hall of Fame, these words were easy to write because of the legacy he left as one of the company’s most longstanding employees, yet difficult as his departure from full-time employment here leaves a void that will not soon be replaced.

For a guy who grew up in a sports household, where his dad was a journalist and sportswriter, the role he leaves us for is very special. Raised in the Jordan era, he played street ball growing up and used basketball as a tool to forge lifelong skills and friendships. He later went on to play for various regional leagues, filled with former NCAA and collegiate players. Basketball is clearly in his blood, so when he told us he had been offered the opportunity to become the Creative Director for that fellow that runs Giants of Africa we would have been disappointed if he didn’t accept. Of course, it’s a loss for us, but opportunities like this you simply don’t refuse.

He told us long ago that he would never leave us for another agency job. To him, he had found his family here—and you don’t leave family. But to some, this opportunity is the equivalent of being invited to be a representative to the UN. It’s in another stratosphere where his trajectory will continue, and we could not be prouder of him.

If we had a golden key, it would be his to use, but instead we prefer to simply call him part of our family—for life.

Image 1, Left: Playful image of a person posing with a cookie and grooming product, smirking. Image 2, Right: People playfully peeking their heads through a giant cookie with face cut-out holes.

Our second inductee is quite different, and in spite of being on staff for over 11 years, he never worked a single billable hour yet found a way to leave an unforgettable mark here.

We know that authenticity can come from anywhere, and this inductee was as unique and authentic as they come.

Born into a family of eight, Beckett was adopted and joined the 7 Communications team at just 7 weeks of age. Some might call him a child prodigy, but he was recognized for his star quality and animal magnetism early on. So much so that he was promoted to Director of Fun for the company after just a few years.

Large dog lounging with paw over arm rest of a chair.

Taking his cheering and merry-making role very seriously, he brought joy every day. When at the office, he could most often be found getting his daily work done from his down-filled workstation, hanging out in the kitchen imploring colleagues to feed him or greeting new guests with a sense of enthusiasm that only someone with his credentials was able to. When in-field, he was granted the autonomy to sniff out opportunities in a way no other teammates ever would.

Remembered for stealing the chair you were sitting in, he never saw a camera he didn’t love and was known as a quiet but confident bacon aficionado. He was also the most loyal employee you could ever meet.

Image 1, Left: Large dog posing in front of a large butterfly mural. Image 2, Left: Close up view of dog napping on couch, with head rested on arm rest.

Not everyone though was used to being in such close company with an employee of his stature. In advance of his induction ceremony, a story was shared by our first ever inductee that illustrates Beckett’s ability to overcome objections like no one else. The story went like this…

Image 1, Left: Individual sitting at desk in office setting, looking down at large dog laying on the floor. Image 2, Right: Individual seated at table in a boardroom, looking down at large dog laying by his feet.

“On my very first day at the company, I opened the door and walked in and there’s a dog quickly bearing down on me. One of my new teammates who I already knew came to greet me and without even saying hello, my first words to him were ‘dude, you never told me there is a dog?!’ He replies, ‘oh yeah, there is a dog, his name is Beckett.’

I won’t lie. I wasn’t a dog guy but as that day and each subsequent day passed, he never left my side. Always sitting right by me, he would peacefully just look at me with his classic trademark head tilt. If he could talk I’m sure he would have said ‘just pet me, you jackass.’

I never thought I’d ever have a pet, but in the years that followed, he was the reason we have a pet in our house. My kids thank me (and Beckett) every day.”

He will forever be remembered as our first ever Director of Fun, best friend to so many and our second inductee into the 7 Communications Hall of Fame.