May 4, 2022

Partnering with purpose

Dennis Cant
7 Communications
Vice President

Shaping experiences is what we do well. Experiential work has been a powerhouse of our lifestyle and luxury-focused marketing agency where we possess a multitude of capabilities to help our clients connect with their audiences and fuel growth.

From the ability to shape world-class experiences comes a desire from many clients to support them with integrated marketing services. Spanning brand strategy and identity development, website builds, social media and search programs, advertising, public relations campaigns and more, each are tools in our toolkit.

As an agency, we seldom favour one over another, but as you can surmise from reading this on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, it is difficult to think of a plan or campaign today that doesn’t have a digital aspect to it.

Hand holding a smartphone up close, surrounded by light circles.

One area of integrated marketing that we are shining more light on these days is incubating and building strategic brand partnerships. That involves identifying efficient and impactful ways to help two or more brands connect, gain access to similar customer profiles, and benefit from each other’s reputational equity. Whether it’s a festival, sporting event, drive program, product launch, or even a loyalty program, our mandate has been to connect consumer bases who share common passions. Those who show brand love by supporting their choices with their hard-earned money and share that love with their circle of influence.

Crowd at an event, filled with cheering and smiling individuals.

Finding those customers when you are F1 is easier, especially when you have the funds to create your own Netflix series. While most clients do not have that kind of money to invest, they all possess a clear understanding of their brand and the customers who reward them with purchases. That knowledge is all we need to get started and help unearth authentic partnership opportunities with other brands that have similar behavioural consumer profiles.

Supporting me on the mission to shape and deliver brand-driven partnerships for our current and future clients are MacCall and David. David spearheads new client relationships, aligning our expertise in luxury and lifestyle marketing to brands targeting growth with consumers fitting that description. Brand partnerships is a tool that will help him with that focus. Bringing a sharp mind and convivial approach, MacCall is our champion of brand partnerships and will drive identification of those powerful and mutually beneficial connections that feed client growth.

High-angle shot capturing the Red Bull pit crew in action,making tire changes during a motorsport event.

Supporting MacCall are Samantha and Madison. Based in Vancouver, Sam came on board to work with our national Harley-Davidson clients along with several other assignments. With noted blue-chip brand experience, Sam is adept at managing projects of all types, including digital, social, retail, and one-to-one. Madison rounds out our integrated team, bringing dynamite brand storytelling skills to bear in many of our clients’ social and digital channels, helping them be more relevant, purposeful, and engaging.

If you want to chat through how a brand partnership, or any of our integrated marketing capabilities, can help you achieve your marketing objectives, feel free to reach out.